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Этта Джеймс - знаменитая американская блюзовая и R&B певица. Life, Love & The Blues 1-1 Born Under A Bad Sign 1-2 I Want To Ta Ta You, Baby 1-3 Here I Am (Come And Take Me) 1-4 Running Out Of Lies 1-5 Inner City Blues (Make Mw Wanna Holler) 1-6 Spoonful 1-7 Life, Love & The Blues 1-8 Hoochie Coochie Gal 1-9 Cheating In The Next Room 1-10 If You Want Me To Stay 1-11 The Love You Save May Be Your Own 1-12 I'll Take Care Of You Heart Of A Woman 2-1 You Don't Know What Love Is 2-2 Good Morning Heartache 2-3 My Old Flame 2-4 Say It Isn't So 2-5 At Last 2-6 Tenderly 2-7 I Only Have Eyes For You 2-8 I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good 2-9 You Go To My Head 2-10 Sunday Kind Of Love 2-11 If It's The Last Thing I Do 2-12 Only Women Bleed Matriarch Of The Blues 3-1 Gotta Serve Somebody 3-2 Don't Let My Baby Ride 3-3 Rhymes 3-4 Try A Little Tenderness 3-5 Miss You 3-6 Hawg For Ya 3-7 You're Gonna Make Me Cry 3-8 Walking The Black Streets 3-9 Let's Straighten It Out 3-10 Born On The Bayou 3-11 Come Back Baby 3-12 Hound Dog Blue Gardenia 4-1 This Biter Earth 4-2 He's Funny That Way 4-3 In My Solitude 4-4 There Is No Greater Love 4-5 Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying 4-6 Love Letters 4-7 These Foolish Things 4-8 Come Rain Or Come Shine 4-9 Don't Worry 'Bout Me 4-10 Cry Me A River 4-11 Don't Blame Me 4-12 My Man 4-13 Blue Gardenia Let's Roll 5-1 Somebody To Love 5-2 The Blues Is My Business 5-3 Leap Of Faith 5-4 Strongest Weakness 5-5 Wayward Saints Of Memphis 5-6 Lie No Better 5-7 Trust Yours...
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